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The collaboration group on LUTD was officially established in February 2008.


Members of the group are from:


Denmark (Chair)

Charlotte Graugaard-Jensen, Aarhus:        

Jens Sönksen, Herlev:                                 



Martti Aho, Tampere:                                 

Susanna Hirsimäki, Vaasa:                         



Anja Lövvik, Oslo:                                     

Henriette Veiby Holm, Oslo:                     

Karin Hjelle, Bergen:                                  



Baldvin Kristjansson                                   



Malin Nyberg                                              



Current focus is on the fields of LUTD with BOO (bladder outlet obstruction), neurourology, urodynamics and erectile dysfunction.

Our aim is to organize and promote educational activities within the Nordic countries, to facilitate clinical and research communication as well as Nordic research cooperation in these fields.


Educational courses have been held at NUF congresses from 2009 onwards, on the themes “Best practice in LUTD”, “New ideas in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of LUTD”,  “Overactive and Underactive – what does it mean”, and “New trends in LUTD” where latest scientific and clinical news were discussed.


Nordic clinical courses on basic and advanced urodynamics are arranged bi-anually since 2010, each time with a different perspective on the use of urodynamics as an important clinical tool and with scientific updates. The next course will be held in Finland, autumn 2018.


Our next educational symposium is planned for the NUF Congress in Odense 2017 where the theme will be “Emergency call for LUTD - now or never”. An exciting programme discussing pro et con urodynamics, the post prostatectomy incontinence, Botox-update and new techniques treating BOO will be presented.


Please feel free to contact members of the group with any queries, ideas, suggestions you may have on activities within our field! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Charlotte Graugaard-Jensen