The NUF collaboration group on penile cancer also known as Scandinavian penile cancer group, SCAPECA, was founded 23rd of May 2014 on the basis of a mandate from the NUF General Assembly at the Sandefjord 2013 NUF Meeting. Members were appointed by the National Urological Associations from Iceland (one member) and from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark (2 members each). The appointed members are subject to NUF reimbursement at the group meetings. In addition to this interested colleagues has participated in meetings on the expense of their home department or on their own expense (non-reimbursed members). The group has also had the pleasure to discuss relevant clinical matters with interested oncologists, gynecologists and virologists at selected occasions. At the Malmø 2015 NUF Meeting the group hosted a penile and testicular cancer symposium to the satisfaction of many attendees.

Current group members


Hanna Vasarainen, Helsinki

Tomi Pakarainen, Tampere


Rafn Hilmarsson, Reykavik


Christian Arvei Moen, Bergen

Andreas Hopland, Oslo

non-reimbursed member: Dag Linthoe Halvorsen, Trondheim


Peter Kirrander, Örebro

Kimia Kohestani, Gotheburg

non-reimbursed member: Axel Gerdtsson, Malmö


Mikael Aagaard, Copenhagen

Jakob Kristian Jakobsen, Aarhus (chair)

The original aim of the group was to promote scientific collaboration on penile cancer projects in the five countries and possibly beyond. This aim is still steadily pursued, but the majority of group members are mainly interested in clinical aspects of the disease and the possibility of discussing and exchanging clinical cases and surgical techniques. For this purpose the group maintains and updates an e-mail list for sub-acute counselling on difficult cases and tricky clinical challenges.

A paper on the different diagnostic and therapeutic strategies employed in the Nordic countries was published in Scandinavian Journal of Urology in 2015.

A second paper on clinical history taking and examination is under preparation.