Residents in Urology

Nordic Residents in Urology is a NUF group, which aims to increase collaboration and networking between young urologists in the Nordic countries in order to improve overall education and research opportunities.

The group was formed in Copenhagen in 2012 by representatives for the residents in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. It consists of up to two representatives from each of the Nordic countries elected among urologists in training.

Current focus of the group:

  • To arrange high quality residents’ sessions at the biannual NUF conferences
  • To arrange biannual joint non-compulsory courses within the Nordic countries.
  • To create a database for young researchers to present their projects. The goal is to inspire collaboration within the Nordic countries.
  • To utilize the social media in creating a network between Nordic residents in urology.
  • Any suggestions from residents to the group are always welcome – these should be sent directly to the chairman.

NRU Representatives:


Katrine Schou-Jensen

Department of Urology

Herlev/Gentofte Hospital

Sara Tolouee

Department of Urology

Herlev/Gentofte Hospital


Siril Stokke


Oslo Universitetssykehus

Ann-Karoline Karlsvik

St. Olavs Hospital



Tómas Axels


Vilhelm Pihl



Kurt Gronroos



Karl Erlingur Oddason, chairman

Department of Urology,

Helsingborgs Lasarett

Södra Vallgatan 5

25187 Helsingborg, Sweden