News letter, May 2022

The NUF collaboration group on LUTD was founded in 2008, and has been chaired by Elisabeth Farrelly (Stockholm, S) 2008-2016, Charlotte Graugaard-Jensen (Aarhus, Dk) 2016-2020 and Henriette Veiby Holm (Oslo, N), since January 2020.

Lower urinary tract dysfunction includes mainly benign diseases and functional disorders but the field is wide: Neurourology, pelvic pain syndrome, bladder outlet obstruction, incontinence, overactive bladder, recurrent infections, pediatric micturition disorders, and sexual dysfunction, including late effects of cancer treatment. Urodynamics are often important tools in the understanding and follow up of these patients.

Current focus is to organize and promote educational activities within the Nordic countries and to facilitate clinical as well as research communication and cooperation in these fields.

Educational symposi,as have been held at the biennial NUF congresses from 2009 onwards, on these themes:

2009: Best practice in LUTD

2011: New ideas in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of LUTD

2013: Overactive and Underactive – what does it mean?

2015: New trends in LUTD

2017: Emergency call for LUTD – now or never

2019: UTI with a twist: Prophylaxis and resistancy, Recurrent and refractory infections, Neurological bladder dysfunction and UTI

2022, Helsinki: The price of the cure

Nordic clinical, interactive, courses on LUTD and urodynamics have been arranged in January almost every other year since 2010, in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. The courses have been popular with urologists, residents as well as urotherapists. We have aimed at having new and different perspectives on functional urology and urodynamics, also including workshops, each time. Our most recent course was held in Copenhagen January 2020 and focused on late effects of cancer treatment. These courses also give room for socializing and networking. Due to the pandemic our 6th course has been postponed and will be held in Stockholm September 23-24, 2022. The course is called LUTD: Idiopathic or neurogenic – does it matter? It has a very ambitious and interesting program with lecturers from all the Nordic countries. Registration is available here:

We encourage colleagues to apply for the NUF travel grant and to visit other colleagues around the Nordic countries. The NRU (Nordic Residents in Urology) and the LUTD group have been involved in a Nordic visitor program, which may be helpful to choose a place to visit:

Please feel free to contact members of the group with any queries, ideas, and suggestions you may have on activities within our field!

Henriette Veiby Holm


May 12, 2022, Oslo, Norway

The Collaboration  Group on LUTD was officially established in February 2008

Members of the group:


Charlotte Graugaard-Jensen, Aarhus:

Karin Andersen, Odense:


Sanna Hallamies, Helsinki:

Hannu Kostinen, Helsinki:


Henriette Veiby Holm (Chair), Oslo:

Anne Marthe Foshaug Jenssen, Narvik:


Lotta Koskela, Stockholm:

Christine Reus, Stockholm:


Karl Erlingur Oddason, Helsingborg:

Baldvin Kristjánsson, Reykjavik: